Blue Ridge Parkway Road Guide


Blue Ridge Parkway 
Road Guide 
Rose Houk
80 pages. 9”x9”
ISBN 9781-58071-061-9

It is one of the top selling road guides to Blue Ridge Parkway. If there is any road guide that you plan on buying, this is the one. Heavily illustrated guide to Blue Ridge Parkway. Includes many detailed maps with mile-by-mile descriptions of Parkway attractions including human history, geology, wildlife, food, crafts, and music.
Vistas and scenery, both natural and cultural, were paramount to the design. The Parkway would embrace, rather than deny, the landscape’s agricultural life. Fields and fences and old cabins and barns would remain intact or even be moved, and farmers would work as they and their grandfathers had, all so that passing motorists would enjoy an authentic view. …..Once you start down the Blue Ridge Parkway, savoring the leisurely pace it affords, you won’t want to leave. Should you be forced to leave for necessary services, you’ll eagerly return to the sanity and sanctity of this pleasure road. The Parkway is a completely noncommercial, two-lane paved road, 469 miles in length, through Virginia and North Carolina. Simple concrete posts mark each mile. Maximum driving speed is 45 mile an hour, and you could drive straight through in only 11 hours. But who would want to? The whole point of the Parkway is to drive a while, stop a while, explore a while. And there are plentiful opportunities to do so. Frequent waysides and pull offs frame stunning views of thick forest and ranks of silhouetted mountains as far as the eye can see.

—From “Blue Ridge Parkway Road Guide” by Rose Houk

Blue Ridge Parkway Road Guide
Rose Houk
80 pages. 9”x 9″ book

ISBN 9781-58071-061-9


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