Chasing The Light Grand Canyon

11129363_840250336049910_8304014054450273643_o Chasing The Light:
Grand Canyon 
Adam Schallau
192 pages. 8”x6”
ISBN 978-0984257-16-4

Chasing the Light Grand Canyon is a stunning collection of nearly 200 photographs by Adam Schallau celebrating the beauty of this majestic landscape in all its moods. Each section contained herein presents the Grand Canyon in all its glory, from the famous landmarks to the subtlest of intimate details.
It appears timeless and unchanging, yet it is clear evidence of the changing nature of our planet. This landscape of sandstone, silt-stone, mudstone, limestone, shale, granite, schist and gneiss was left here by ancient oceans, swamps, lagoons, rivers and deserts.

—From “Chasing The Light: Grand Canyon” by Adam Schallau

Chasing The Light: Grand Canyon 
Adam Schallau
192 pages. 8”x6”
ISBN 978-0984257-16-4

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I found Adam on facebook and have watched his wonderful photos of the Grand Canyon ever since the first time. I had to have his book and this book now sits on my coffee table. When I need a break with a cup of coffee, I pick up Chasing the Light Grand Canyon and transport myself back to the Canyon. I love this book and will eagerly look for his next book. The photographs give a picture of areas in the Canyon you will never see even if you visit the canyon. Adam has a way of just catching the light and I am in awe of every amazing scene!

Adam Schallau is a gifted photographer, and this book isfilled with wonderful and beautiful color images of this awesomeplace -- the Grand Canyon. He really does do justice to thisincredible place. There are 181 pages of beautiful photos inthis small (6" x 6") book.Some of the photos have captions, while most do not. There isa list in the back of the book that gives the location of each image.Looking at his images is like visiting the Grand Canyon again --a real treat.

I first saw some of Adam's photos on Facebook/ I have been to the Grand Canyon and his photos take me back there and I almost feel the awe that I experienced, again! This book is prominently displayed on one of our side tables. I wish it was bigger but this is keeping up with the times! Don't hesitate in buying Adam's captures of this fantastic wonder!

The Grand Canyon is a magical place and Adam Schallau has captured this in his dramatic images! Adam Schallau is one of the Southwest's leading photographers and it shows in this book!

Adam Schallau is an amazing talent and every image in the book is beautiful.

Great book with wonderful photos of the Grand Canyon . Fast delivery

Simply Stunning

This book is incredible! The photos are breathtaking and so vibrant. I love the sunrises and sunset photos in this book because most landscape photography books do not include such beautiful colors in their photos.

We are so happy to hear that you loved the book and the photography. Adam's work is simply one of a kind.