Grand Canyon: Window of Time

51E5XNGBDFL._SX367_BO1,204,203,200_ Grand Canyon:
Window of Time  
Stewart Aitchison
64 pages. Oversized 10”x13”
ISBN 978-158071-007-7

This stunningly beautiful, over sized book is lavishly illustrated with breathtaking color imagery by America’s leading landscape photographers. Stewart Aitchison details the area’s biology and geology, taking readers from the Sonoran-type desert at the bottom of the Grand Canyon to alpine tundra at the summit of the nearby San Francisco Peaks.

Even after more than four decades, I still get that little-kid, butterflies-in-the-stomach thrill when I go back to the Grand Canyon. I gaze into it briefly, look away, blink once or twice, and peer at the gorge again-never quite sure if it is real. From my first visit as a child, I knew that I had to explore this magnificent place, try to understand it in some way. I was fortunate to live in nearby Flagstaff. Weekends and holidays could be spent hiking the Canyon’s trails, unraveling its topography. And later as a field biologist, I struggle to fathom the Canyon’s complex web of life.  .….I have discovered there is no way to fully comprehend the place; it’s just too big; its scale is totally out of proportion to our daily lives; its riotous colored walls too outlandish; its convoluted landscape too strange. One can learn statistics: 277 river miles long, averaging a mile in depth, one-half to eighteen miles wide, covering over one million acres, one-third of the earth’s geologic history exposed, a United Nations World heritage Sit. One can try to capture the canyon on film or in a painting or with words, but these always fall short of the real thing with its many moods and many secret places. 

—From “Grand Canyon: Windows of Time” by Stewart Aitchison

Grand Canyon: Window of Time
Stewart Aitchison
64 pages. Oversized 10”x13”
ISBN 978-158071-007-7

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