Things to do at Grand Canyon

There are many different activities to do while visiting the Grand Canyon. We have broken them down into sections and locations based on where you plan on visiting while at the Grand Canyon. There is a recommended list for the South Rim, Desert View, North Rim and the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The new addition to this park is the cell phone audio tours. The advances in technology have allowed you to use your cell phone and take a guided tour through certain parts of Grand Canyon. These Cell Phone Audio Tours can be found at popular sites such as the South Rim. Just look for the “Park Ranger Audio Tour” signs and call the number listed. You will hear roughly a two minute narration on various aspects of the location you are currently at.

South Rim 

Make sure to stop by the Grand Canyon Village found by the South Rim side. It has your Visitor Center, Market Plaza, and the Historic District which are great places to stop before you walk the South Rim. South Rim is open year around which allows you to see the change of seasons at the Grand Canyon.

If you want to escape the crowds found around this particular area of Grand Canyon, take the Greenway Trail to travel from Grand Canyon Village to the Market Plaza. It is a safer route for bicyclists and lets you walk through the beautiful nature of Grand Canyon.

Watch the film, Grand Canyon: A Journey of Wonder, in the theater, found at the visitor center. The movie is 20 minutes long and starts on the hour and the half-hour.

We also recommend any of the scenic drives through Grand Canyon that the visitor center offers a tour of as well. You can also take your own vehicle out on the Grand Canyon scenic road if you do not wish to use the shuttle.

Desert View

Located 25 miles from the Grand Canyon Village, near the eastern edge, is a stunning view on the canyon. If you arrive on a clear day you can see 100 miles out.

The Desert View Watchtower is also another great pit stop on your way through the Grand Canyon. This 70 foot tower was recently renovated in 2010 and offers observation decks on the upper levels. You can also find a bookstore in this location as well if you want to pick up some souvenirs.

Another stop we recommend is the Tusayan Museum and trail. The museum gives you a glimpse of the Pueblo Indian life 800 years ago. The trail also takes you through the Tusayan Ruin as well. It is an easy walk so it is family friendly.

147287155 Desert View Watchtower                                                         Tusayan Ruins

North Rim

This is the least visited section of the park, but that is only because of the distance away from the other locations. From the South Rim it is about a 5 hour drive. It is only open Mid May through Mid October due to the amount of snow it receives during the winter. It is roughly 8,000 feet in elevation so any physical exercise will become strenuous so please keep that in mind.

You can take the 21 mile hike from the South Rim to the North Rim.


This, of course, has made our list. This horseshoe shaped skywalk is 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon floor. It is an all glass lookout so you can even see below you. They do not allow you to bring your own cameras, so keep that in mind. They do not want you to accidentally drop it off the lookout and lose it. This attraction will cost you money, so check on pricing before you go to see if it fits your budget. Tours will also depend on the weather as well so we recommend calling to ensure that you can go on the skywalk.