Yosemite: A Personal Discovery

10x13_yellowstone Yosemite:
A Personal Discovery
Ardeth Huntington
64 pages. Oversized 10”x13”
ISBN 978-1-58071-035-0

This stunningly beautiful, oversized book is lavishly illustrated with breathtaking color imagery by America’s leading landscape photographers. In addition to the stunning photography, the book also includes detailed maps of the park and region and insightful, heartfelt narratives detailing the park’s natural and human histories.

Yosemite- the word evokes a kaleidoscopic mixture of memories: sleeping on moonlit granite the night before visiting the Mount Conness glacier, the fascination of exfoliating granite domes, meadows flowering exquisitely between the Merced Lake and Vogelsang High Sierra Camps, the aroma of pine needles on a hot summer day. To some Yosemite is a playground, to others a revered paradise. It inspires passion- and invites controversy. In trying to capture its essence, writers have glorified it with grandiloquence; praising its majestic grandeur, infinite lavishness, splendored magnificence; describing it as awesome, divine, stunning, and sublime. 

—From “Yosemite: A Personal Discovery” by Ardeth Huntington

Yosemite: A Personal Discovery
Ardeth Huntington
64 pages. Oversized 10”x13”
ISBN 978-1-58071-035-0

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64 pages of fantastic images. The book is 10 x 13 “. I found it to be a wonderful, wonderful overview ot the different areas and natural attractions of the park. There are excellent maps included, and are mostly topographical in nature with rivers, lakes, mountains and roads shown. Again, the photographs themselves are worth the price. The narrative is in a style I compare to the National Geographic magazine style. The book is soft cover. It does not cover restaurants, lodging, specific hikes etc. That is left for other books. I recommend it as a prized collection for the seasoned visitor and and great introduction to the beauties of the park for the first time visitor.Karl K
 Yosemite: A Personal Discovery by Ardeth Huntington
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This is such a great book. We recently bought it after our trip there.It has maps, photos and text to enjoy. The photographers did a wonderful job and their photos are outstanding and just a sight to see. I really like this book and I think that it works for those who are planning a trip and who just came back from one.

Great for planning

This product arrived quickly in very good condition, and has assisted me in preparing my trip agenda.