Assateague Island of the Wild Ponies


“Summer is the hardest season for the ponies. It is often very hot and sticky. Biting flies and mosquitoes can force the ponies out of the marsh or forest, onto the beach. If there are to many insects on the beach, the ponies may wade into the oceans and let waves crash over their backs. Rolling in the sand is another way to get rid of pesky bugs. Ponies swish their tails in each other’s faces, and shake their manes while snorting at horseflies. They rub their bellies on top of bushes and will do anything they can to get away from insects.” 

Assateague: Island of the Wild Ponies is one of the series from Larry and Andrea that is lavishly illustrated with exciting photographs to enrich the educational text found within. It is the perfect book for children and adults alike.

by: Andrea Jauck & Larry Points

Pages: 48

Size: 9″x 7″

​Type: softcover

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