GRAND TETON – Children of the Rockies


Grand Teton National Park is small, yet it contains all of the classic elements associated with national parks of the West: mountains, abundant and diverse wildlife, pristine streams, rivers and glacial lakes, and different plant communities associated with changing elevations and microclimates. The spectacular vertical rise of the Tetons forms an abrupt contrast with the nearly flat sage-covered valley more than 7,000 feet below. Twelve Teton peaks reach above 12,000 feet and are high enough to support as many as 12 glaciers. Grand Teton National Park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway total 333,700 acres within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, more than 28,000 square miles of one of the few remaining, nearly intact, temperate zone ecosystems on the planet. Elevations range from 6,400 feet on the valley floor to 13,700 feet on the windswept granite summit of Grand Teton.”

This stunningly beautiful, over sized book is lavishly illustrated with breathtaking color imagery by America’s leading landscape photographers.

Author: George B. Robinson
pages: 64
size: 10” x 13”

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