“To everyone who sees it, Mount Rainier is THE Mountain. Its 14,410-foot dome projects majestically 7,000 to 9,000 feet above its neighbors. The Mountain reposes in ice-covered silence, belying the fact that it is the most dangerous volcano in America. Mount Rainier is the highest peak in the Cascade Range, a chain of volcanoes that extends from British Columbia to northern California. The Cascades compose the Pacific Northwest section of the “Ring of Fire”, a zone of active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes that rims the Pacific Ocean. Though its craggy shape gives the impression of great age, Mount Rainier is a young stratovolcano whose slopes are rapidly changing. The Mountain shows the results of the dramatic interplay of volcanic mountain building and the erosive agents of ice and gravity. In human context, The Mountain seldom erupts, but geologically recent eruptions and collapse events have been more destructive than the familiar events occurring at neighboring Mount St. Helen’s.” 

​This stunningly beautiful, oversized book is lavishly illustrated with breathtaking color imagery by America’s leading landscape photographers. In addition to the stunning photography, the book also includes detailed maps of the park and region and insightful, heartfelt narratives detailing the park’s natural and human histories.


​Author: Ron Warfield

​pages: 64

size: 10” x 13”

Type: softcover

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