DEATH VALLEY – Splendid Desolation


“Death Valley, although harsh, dangerous, unforgiving, is definitely not a dead place. It is a delicate, fragile window to the natural world’s intricacies. Here the mosaic of living communities perform the day-to-day, the millennia-to-millennia dance of evolution. Some partners sit out and disappear while others swing and improvise to the genetic flow. The flora and fauna are not scattered at random across the landscape but are distributed in an orderly fashion into distinct communities or as pioneering ecologist Clinton Hart Merriam phrased it- life zones. And though Merriam’s life zone idea is an oversimplification, that doesn’t lessen the fact that nature is extraordinarily ordered, complex, and unendingly marvelous, even in Death Valley.”

This stunningly beautiful, oversized book is lavishly illustrated with breathtaking color imagery by America’s leading landscape photographers. In addition to the stunning photography, the book also includes detailed maps of the park and region and insightful, heartfelt narratives detailing the park’s natural and human histories.

Author: Stewart Aitchison

pages: 80

size: 12” x 9.5”

Type: hardcover

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