Masterpiece Collection – Grand Canyon


“By the late 1880’s, the Grand Canyon had become a major tourist attraction site in the United States. The recognition of its monumental role in the tourist industry promoted the government to accord it federal protection status as a Forest Reserve in 1893. As the number of visitors arriving at the Grand Canyon grew, the interest to preserve its natural marvels increased.

President Theodore Roosevelt, so impressed by his visit to the Grand Canyon in 1903, assented to a bill that sought to proclaim the site as a Game Reserve in 1906. However, he was convinced that national park status would best preserve the Grand Canyon through generations. Consequently, he influenced the enactment of the Act for Preservation of American Antiquities which allowed him to declare it as a national monument in 1908.”

THE MASTERPIECE COLLECTION: Honoring our nation’s protected lands and the photographers who bring them to life. Each image is born of passion, creativity, time, patience, miles traveled and meals missed waiting for the perfect light. May the images and interpretative information herein spark within you a love and passion for our protected lands. May you always walk carefully in them; may your footprints be small and your respect be grand.

​Author: Kevin Poulson
pages: 64
size: 9.25″x 12.75″
type: matte finish hardcover

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