Masterpiece Collection – Slot Canyons


How does a first-time visitor explain or describe the feeling of entering a slot canyon in the southwest? After doing a little reading online, I found the following description:

“It’s a surreal place where the sandstone walls have become waves; they’re like a signature piece of art from the earth itself, achieved only through patience and time. It’s almost impossible to describe the canyon without standing in its presence – it’s as if a mold was somehow taken of a deep, rushing wave of water and captured in the rock itself.”

THE MASTERPIECE COLLECTION: Honoring our nation’s protected lands and the photographers who bring them to life. Each image is born of passion, creativity, time, patience, miles traveled and meals missed waiting for the perfect light. May the images and interpretative information herein spark within you a love and passion for our protected lands. May you always walk carefully in them; may your footprints be small and your respect be grand.

​Author: Kevin Poulson
pages: 64
size: 9.25″x 12.75″
type: matte finish hardcover

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