SEQUOIA & KINGS CANYON – A Place Where Giants Dwell


“Walking among the sequoias, I feel like a dwarf in the presence of antiquated monarchs. They prompt me to consider the brevity of human life and the folly of believing that people have dominion over wild things. How can I question the sovereignty of nature when I’m standing in a gallery of some of her finest works? Nature’s mastery of form, function, endurance, and beauty is evident in every fluted cinnamon trunk and bushy crown. Edward Abbey said, “the purpose of the giant sequoia tree is to provide shade for the tiny titmouse.” His words remind me that small things too are part of nature’s plan. This place where giants dwell would be incomplete without the slime mold and the newt. Stone crumbled piecemeal by a living veneer of lichen. A few drops of water trapped in a rocky fissure have the latent sculpting power of glacial ice. However large organisms may grow, all spring from a single cell.”

This stunningly beautiful, over-sized book is lavishly illustrated with breathtaking color imagery by America’s leading landscape photographers. In addition to the stunning photography, the book also includes detailed maps of the park and region and insightful, heartfelt narratives detailing the park’s natural and human histories.

Author: George B. Robinson

pages: 64

size: 10” x 13”

​Type: softcover

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