MONUMENT VALLEY – Navajo Tribal Park and The Navajo Reservation


“The Navajo Nation may look like America, but once you enter its boundaries, you are traveling through a sovereign nation, with its own laws and ways of doing things. Remember that you are guest of the Navajo Nation and act accordingly. Take your cue from the people you meet. Although very diverse, many Navajo people are quiet and modest and may not respond to directness and curiosity they consider inappropriate (for example, direct eye contact during conversation and strong handshakes are considered ill-mannered). On the other hand, Navajos have a ripe, earthy sense of humor and love a good joke. Never enter people’s houses or land without permission, nor should you photograph Navajo people or ceremonials without prior permission. A small payment is expected if permission is granted.”


This stunningly beautiful, oversized book is lavishly illustrated with breathtaking color imagery by America’s leading landscape photographers. In addition to the stunning photography, the book also includes detailed maps of the park and region and insightful, heartfelt narratives detailing the park’s natural and human histories.

Authors: Nicky Leach

pages: 64

size: 10” x 13”

Type: softcover

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